CEVA Incorporated is a network and applications services provider. Our new state of the art application is called Spotlight. It was developed by Mac Wilson, the creator of the original Trace, FleetWatch and RaiLogix rail systems. Spotlight incorporates all the best features of his previous systems and adds many new enhancements and customizations. Spotlight provides your company access to rail-oriented systems and services, including container tracking, normally available only within the headquarters of your corporation.
Spotlight now tracks container shipments!
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Spotlight has everything you need to track your railcars. Ready to go at the touch of a button. Connect anytime and get the information you need. Locations, shipments, ETA's, non-movement, held cars...It's all available to you.

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CEVA offers the Spotlight service to clients who want hands-on access to their rail information but do not have the time, manpower, or desire to manage a high-tech network and database operation. Our Spotlight Operations Center provides the computer systems management - from daily updates to nightly backups - and we handle the information distribution and support. With the CEVA team behind the scenes, our clients are able to focus on what they do best - manage their rail shipments, quickly and easily.


As a part of the Spotlight service, we can tailor a locked-down desktop for each of your system users that can include Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports, SQL Query, and other specialized programs. This will add secure, focused desktops for your users and even your customers if you have rail information you would like to make available for them. If you prefer, we can provide a direct connection into Spotlight giving a user controlled access to thier specified rail functions.